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-Signing up is quick and easy-


How To Sign Up?
Signing up is quick and easy.  Just complete the application and hand it to our Customer Service Counter to get your Club Card (“Card”) and start accumulating rewards points right away.  It’s completely free! Card is open to any US residents and at least 18 years of age at the time of applying. One Card per person.

如何申請?申請非常簡單快速,只要填寫申請表格,並交給我們的客戶服務中心,就可以申請一張 168超市會員卡,並可馬上開始積分點數。免費申請!申請者必須是年滿18歲的美國居民,每人限 申請一張卡。


What are Club Card points?!

Club Card points are collected every time you shop.  Just show your Card to the cashier before you checkout to collect points.  Earn 1 point for every $1.00 (pre-tax) purchase* at any participating 168 Market store location. Your points are automatically accumulated and will appear on your receipt after each purchase. Watch out for special rewards card programs to earn double or triple points on certain days. *Excludes taxes, gift cards, and lottery. (Needs to specified as to what taxable consist of)

甚麼是會員卡積分?您每一次購物即可累計會員卡積分。只要結帳前向收銀員出示您的168會員卡 ,每花費1美元*(稅前)便可獲得1點的積分,您每次購物累計的積分,會自動出現在您的收據上。 請密切注意我們的特別優惠活動,在特定的日期可贏取雙倍或三倍的積分。*稅額、購買禮卡和樂 透彩票的消費額不得列入積分。


How do I earn my free ___ bonus credit?!

You will earn a ___ bonus credit** for every 1000 points accumulated.  Your bonus credit will appear on your receipt after you reach every 1000 points.  Bonus credit can only be redeemed towards your next purchase. **Cannot deduct taxes and CRV or exchange gift cards and lottery.

當您累計積分滿1,000點時就可獲得價值$10美元的積分獎勵**。您的積分獎勵將會出現在購物收據 上。積分獎勵只可在您下次購物時使用。**積分獎勵不可抵稅、兌換禮卡和樂透彩票。


How do I redeem my ____ bonus credit? !

Just show your Card, receipt (with the $10 bonus credit stated on it), and your valid photo ID (must match name on the application) to the cashier before you checkout to redeem your $10 bonus credit right away.  Bonus credit received at the same transaction can only be used towards your next purchase. Must redeem the entire $10 bonus credit at one time.  Bonus credits cannot be split among different transactions.  No cash back allowed for any bonus credits redemption.

只要在結帳前出示您的卡和收據(上面顯示有價值$10元積分獎勵),和帶有照片的有效身份證(必 須與申請表上姓名相符合)給收銀員;就可以換取價值$10元積分獎勵。獎勵只可在您下次購物時 使用。價值$10元的積分獎勵須在同次購物交易中兌換。價值$10元的積分獎勵需不可分割。任何積 分獎勵不可直接提領為現金。


Restricytions may apply. Please see store for details.